Better Dating Site than Tinder to Find Single Mature Women

Speaking of dating, many may think of the famous brand Tinder when they need to find someone online. It is a worldwide dating app that is available in more than 190 countries with up to 40 languages. Tinder is widely known for its swipe left or right feature. This new and exciting feature has immediately attracted a huge number of users.

Mature Tinder

It is kind of romance build on the first impression and obviously people love it. We can see from its popularity that how much people enjoyed this feature. However, does it popular among all age groups? Does it work well if mature singles would like to find their match in the same age group? To answer this, let's first check some of the user statics of Tinder.

Why Tinder is not good for mature women and men

According to BusinessofApps, 85% of Tinder users are below the age of 35. In other words, the majority of their users are young crowds who are in their 20s. Although it is popular with a huge member database of about 50 million, but there is a really low percentage of mature singles on their platform. In general, it is a young dating site that focuses mainly on the younger age group.

By the nature of their main site feature "swipe" you can see it is not that suitable for mature people. Young people are tend to have a crush on someone with the first glimpse. And that's exactly how their swipe feature works. And when it comes to mature dating, people would usually want to know more about their possible matches before they get connected. So you may already get the conclusion that Tinder is not a good choice for mature women and men dating.

What would be the best choice for mature dating

With the development of online dating industry, dating service providers are trying hard to provide users with more customized services like any other industry. But how it works for dating? Well, previously people are going to general dating sites for people in all walks of life and all age group. They need to check other's profiles carefully to see if they have something in common and if they are looking for the same. Now dating sites are customized for different group of people like young people would go for Tinder. Then what about mature singles? Luckily, we have MatureDatingOnly.

We can tell by the site name that MatureDatingOnly is a niche dating site for mature dating only. It focuses on older singles over the age of 40 and 50. It's a social world for all the single men and women in your own age group. Doesn't that sound exciting? And this is not the only great advantage this site has.

The best point is that this site offers different entrance for all their mature members. We know there are basically two different types of relationship people are seeking for. The serious longterm relationship and the casual hookup kind. It would be better we don't merge these two kinds of people together to waste each other's time. It is just different lifestyle and we should value people's choice. So here on MatureDatingOnly, people can choose the relationship type they are seeking for and then be redirected to different entrances. It makes sure that people on the same platform are looking for exact the same as you do.

Last not the least, as a mature women dating site. Their site features and design are more suitable for mature older singles. It makes the connection between older men and older women more easier.