What Do 50 Year Old Woman Want in Bed

What do 50 year old woman want in bed? Well, this is really a question that not only being asked by men in their 50s. Men in other age groups are also curious about it. Do they still want hot sex like they use to do or just a warm cuddles that can make them comfortable? Let's read on to get the truth from the very beginning.

Women Over 50

The illusion of sex life for older women

For some culture reason, it occurs to many people that the sex life for women over a certain age does not exist. That's totally false information. With development of society, the level of awareness about sex improves a lot. There are more studies about this and it finally becomes normal for people to talk about sex at an older age.

Every woman is different

People are different and share own personalities by nature and this also applies to sex drive. That is to say, we can not come to a conclusion that all women over 50 would want exact the same in bed. We would respect the differences and divide them into different types.

What do mature women want in bed?

Those who have higher sex drive than others are still interested in the intimate fun when they are more mature. They still need quality sex life to make them feel alive. They would actively try different ways to help them like using some toy tools and fun games in the bedroom. Yes, there are still wild fans of role-play, bandages among those mature women.

But with the change in mind and physiology for some women in this age group, sex is no longer on their schedule. This does not mean they do not long for a hot sex anymore. Ignoring sex in bed may caused by some physiological change like menopause. Deep in heart, mature women still need cuddles and kisses to first turn them on. It may need more time for touches and kisses for foreplay, but these do works for them.

What do women over 50 have in common when it comes to sex

There is another fact according to a research that most women are actually not turned off for sex, they turned off for their husbands. Just as we mentioned in the last paragraph that there is a drop in libido for many women during this stage of life. But things are different when women are found someone new. The sex drives are blooming for those women who are with new men.

Suggestions for single mature women

From the last point, we can come to the conclusion that dating would help a lot for single mature women to stay young and attractive. So, never give up on dating no matter how which age group you are in. Love and sex are something that everyone deserves. Although we may have some negative physical change when getting older, but please always stay confident and try dating to find someone new. Mature dating helps with the hormones which may make you stay young and active always.

Stay young at heart. Year may winkle your skin but never your heart. When you think young and stay positive, you will always shine in others' eyes.

Do some excises. While thinking young may help us in mind, excises can improve our body physically. You can do some soft excise like yoga and this can not only help us keep healthy but also make our body in good shape. This may also make you feel more confident when you are in bed. Your time in bed would be much hotter and sexier.